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Tobias Sedlacek HanddragTobias Sedlacek holding beer while skiingTrue to The Bunch form, Tobias Sedlacek,”Toyben”  has no agenda when it comes to filming.

His MO is to  find a spot to session, start riding, and enjoy skiing. Sometimes he’s got a trick in mind before getting out, but normally tries to keep his mind on a clean slate. “Things usually seems more possible in your head before you actually try it, and there’s always a sketchy factor you didn’t notice until you hit it.”

If you’ve ever checked out The Bunch’s films, you might not always know what’s going to happen next – neither does Tobias.

He says, “There’s always something unexpected going down, no matter, whatever, where you ride.”


From northern Sweden, Toyben has been skiing since before he can remember. He draws influence from skating and snowboarding, transferring those styles into skiing by working in a lot of ollies and hand drags. His biggest source of inspiration, though, comes from watching his brothers of The Bunch ride.


He’s a big fan of the Revision culture, which is very similar to The Bunch’s. Chill, open minded, and collaborative, and the skis don’t hurt either. He gives props to Revision for taking athlete feedback to heart. His favorite ski “by far” is the Bunch X Revision collab Talisman, and loves its versatility for everything from mobbing down the hill in all conditions, hitting urban to pow. Throw in the collab topsheet design put together by the crew and you’ve got a winner (Tobias: “Shit’s art that could be hanging in a gallery for real. Fun fact, everything on the ski is from different artwork from the boyz.”).


Toyben spends his spare time shooting 35mm photography, fishing, hiking, and chilling by his lady friends’ side.

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