Early Season in the Park with Revision Skis

We have spent the last few weeks getting our ski legs back, cruising the parks of Summit County, and having an all-around good time with our crew.  With the bulk of the ski season in front of us, it’s an exciting time of the year to be hitting the slopes with our friends.

“I hadn’t been on snow for six months while I was finishing up my International Business degree, so my days in Colorado were my first of the season. It was the best escape from school and I felt right at home as soon as the camera came out. Getting back on my skis was the same feeling as putting on a pair of perfectly broken in shoes that you haven’t worn in a long time. A Thanksgiving spent skiing and celebrating among friends was an amazing way to start the season,” said a stoked Ian Hamilton.

Sandy Boville shared, “Colorado in the beginning of the season is always a good time. Multiple mountains and great early season parks provide tons of variety. We’ve had a few snow days, allowing for some high speed shralping down the mountain. I’ve been skiing the 181 Talisman for all mountain riding as it gives me a bit more ski underfoot. The 176 is a blast in the park with a buttery nose to flex and a stiffer tail for stomping landings. The short size allows me to be a little more snappy. I know people will see how fun the Talisman is after watching everyone rip it.”

“Early season in Summit County is pretty good for riding some good old fashion park, especially when there’s not much snow elsewhere yet.  Getting your feet back under you is easy because of how perfect Breck’s early season jumps are. Good times lapping with the boys,” explained Chris McKeever.

Danny Arnold told us, “I had a great time riding with my friends on my days off between working at Fun For you Snowmobile Rentals, and doing my Outdoor Recreation Leadership Degree at CMC. It was great to film a little with the Revision boys and get some early season park laps in. Pray for Pow!”

“Filming my friends and riding two of the best early season parks in the country has been a blast. Armed with my new camera and a ton of creative, talented skiers, my work was cut out for me.  After shooting for just five short days mixing in sunshine, snow and clouds, I was able to get a ton of shots and make a killer video. I am super stoked on our crew and can’t wait for the season to unfold,” explained Revision Skis filmer Mike Kvackay.

We hope you enjoy this video of the highlights of our early season riding the Revision Skis Talisman in the park with Sandy Boville, Ian Hamilton, Sam Zahner, Chris McKeever, Ty Wellman, Danny Arnold, Tanner Berg and filmer Mike Kvackay. From here, we will be following the snow into the backcountry and streets for the remainder of the season.  See you on the slopes!

A Fresh Outlook on Skiing by Revision Skis

Revision Skis is a small, accessible freestyle skiing company that makes the skis that our family wants to ride.  Our focus is on having fun while expressing our own individual creativity and style. We are in the freeskiing business for the love of it and we do things our own way. We look forward to continuing to connect with the community in the future and are excited to hear from you. As we officially launch our fresh, new brand of skis, we hope you enjoy this video of our family enjoying our twin tip skis in a variety of conditions. We hope you will stop and take a moment to check out our lineup of park skis, powder skis, and all mountain skis.

Video edited by Mike Kvackay | Filmed by Bobby Jahrig, Frank King, Mike Kvackay, Andrew Keyser, The Bunch, Sam Trefaller, Arthur Baluff, Ben Zeimet & Thomas Vincent

Spring Shredding in Mount Hood, Oregon

Ty Wellman and I packed up our twin tip skis and the rest of our gear from a week of Missoula backcountry, battered and bruised but satisfied. Next up we were headed to Mount Hood, Oregon.  Greeted by the entire freeskiing community upon arrival, we knew we were in the right place.

Timberline is one of the last resorts to open in the U.S. but offers a $99 spring pass, which is good through the whole month of May.  Coincidentally, West Coast Sessions was going on the dates that we were there.  Proper park setups, and all the homies in one place at one time made the week one to remember.  Skiing on days the weather was bearable, and exploring the lively Oregon Woods on downdays, there was never a dull moment.

We ended up camping in the Oregon woods just down the road from Timberline with about 40 skiers/snowboarders total, some of which were old friends, some acquaintances, and some complete strangers.  Our small village of about 15 tents took the title of “The Graveyard.”  It rained for the entire week we were camping besides one day, my back felt as if I had been hit by a semi truck at 90mph, and we were broke as a joke, but we had an absolute blast.  Being able to live in the woods at our “home away from home” with so many like-minded people and to hear their story was really cool.

On the bittersweet drive home, we picked up Ty’s girlfriend, Syd, at the Portland airport so she could cruise back to CO with us.  I third-wheeled along the Coastline highway for a ways, which was really cool.  We saw some colossal Redwoods along the Redwood highway.  Then we headed back to CO, with a quick stop in Reno of course for gambling and In-N-Out Burger.

All in all, our memories made in Oregon will last forever, and meeting so many spot on individuals within the ski industry gives me hope!!

Words by Chris McKeever

Lost Trail Montana Jump Shoot

After a needed pit stop in Denver to pick up some trip essentials, Keev and I sent it up to the Big Sky State for the Lost Trail Montana jump shoot.  We ended up getting in to the homies house in Missoula late Friday night April 25th.  The plan was to film Saturday and Sunday, but because of the patchy weather, the crew decided to stay and shoot another day on the big jump Wednesday.  Lost Trail built a sick freestyle skiing jump for us to hit that everyone was stoked on.  We grilled out at the base and chilled after every session and had good times all around.

After getting a handful of shots over the weekend and hoping for better weather, the Revision Skis squad took a down-day in Missoula.  Skateboarding, happy hour pizza/beer specials, and an evening diving board session made for a great break, but everyone was hungry for another sunny day on the jump.

Tuesday ended up turning into another down-day, so Keev, our good friend Zam, and I decided to make the best of it and go build a feature. We scoped a rail deep in Lolo pass first, which ended up having no snow.  So plan B was to build a tree jib in the woods off the highway on one of the many massive redwood-looking trees.

Finally the sun peeked through on Wednesday and everyone was up at the jump semi-early in the morning.  The crew got the speed-dialed in and preceded to put their own touch of style on the beast of a jump.  Keever took the 75 foot jump about 100 feet and slammed pretty good on the landing, resulting in severe whiplash, a hole bitten in his tongue, and a possible concussion.  Needless to say, it went off all day until the sleds ran out of gas!  Have to thank Andy and the rest of the Lost Trail crew for building such a fun jump and then also slaying on it!  Big shout out to our freeskiing homie Vinni T. for keeping it Unsweetened and letting us crash, and of course Bobby and Trimmings for organizing the Lost Trail Montana jump shoot!

Words by Ty Wellman