Finito Street Skiing Moscow, Russia with The Bunch

Street Skiing Moscow

Hello, Tobias Sedlacek here. On the 14th of January, parts of The Bunch crew, including myself drove to Moscow, Russia from Sweden. After driving for two days, we were there. The snow wasn’t that much, but there were spots everywhere. With a crew of 7 skiers including filmer Ante Olofsson we were street skiing Moscow for almost two weeks filming for our upcomming movie “Finito”.

urban skiing moscow

Me, bench hopping

Douglas street skiing Moscow

Douglas nose blocking and using the Talismans the right way

We met up with the LSM crew who showed us the way around Moscow, helped us finding spots and showed us some great Russian hospitality. One day we went out to hit a skatepark with the LSM boys but ended up not being able to get through security who guarded the park, if we tried apparently they were going to call the police on us. Instead we headed to another park where we ended up riding in front of the biggest audience we’ve had in the streets, probably around 30 people. Maybe because one of the Russian homies told them our movie would be in the Cinema, but most likely because they aren’t used on seeing people ski street there.

The Bunch skiing in Moscow

Douglas in front of some Moscow projects

The Bunch urban skiing Russia

Magnus walking over the ice to get to a spot

We went to a city an hour away from Moscow called Podolsk. Podolsk is an old industrial city and during the Soviet times it was one of the biggest industrial giants in the Moscow oblast, which is the name of region around Moscow. These days, it’s a worn out city with landmarks from the war times. One of the marks is a big abbandon dam, that never got finnished building and nowadays instead houses graffiti artists.

Graffiti in Russia

Dora the AK-47 explorer

abandoned dam in Podolsk

Me, in the abandoned dam in Podolsk

A game changer for us this year is our winch a.k.a Leonardo Da Winch. A friend of ours built it this fall out of a go-cart engine and it’s pretty darn fast. Unfortunately, Leonardo was struggling a bit with us but overall he helped us out alot. We wouldn’t have been able to hit most of the spots we did without him.

Russian winch for urban skiing

Peyben drives Leonardo accompanied by Skrotin, one of our Russian homies. I can’t count on one hand how many times Peyben and his apprentice Douglas fixed Leonardo

We also went touristing and got to see the famous “Red Square” where the Vasilj Cathedral also is located. The churches and cathedrals in Russia is so sick, having these round shaped roofs with different colours on them. Very nice!

The classic Vasilj Cathedral

The classic Vasilj Cathedral

The Bunch Central Moscow

A random cathedral/church somewhere in central Moscow

Tobias, Magnus and Maxi in font of some monument

Me, Magnus and Maxi in font of some monument

K-Lab Freeski Store Russia

We got invited to the K-Lab store, only freeski store in Russia to come hang and drink beers with them. Arriving to the spot, our second film “Finess” was showing. We signed a group photo they took of us and had a great time

After two weeks, we headed home. Street skiing Moscow, Russia was a great experience and shattered most of the prejudices I’ve had. Everyone treated us great, and wanted to show Moscow in it’s best way. Thanks to everyone, but mostly to Alex of LSM for being a great guide for our trip!

Leaving our block in Moscow

Leaving our block in Moscow

Ferry from Russia to Sweden - The Bunch Street Skiing

On the ferry on our way home to Sweden

Lappland by The Bunch

Lappland by The Bunch

“Lappland by The Bunch” is the first video from the Swedish Revision Skis crew, including five Revisionaries who all are brothers of The Bunch. Lappland is the name of the northern region of Sweden where this video was filmed, which is also known as “The last wilderness of Europe”.

Our trip to Lappland was calming and a great change of pace as we were able to absorb this peaceful, natural location. We hope you enjoy this video full of speed variations accompanied by music reflecting the experience of the wilderness seen through the eyes of our riders. Expect the unexpected and keep an open mind. Take your time while watching this video, and you’ll get to re-live the Northern wilderness in a dreamy way.

Featuring riders Leo Björklund, Sakarias Majander, Erik Pousette, Douglas Källsbo, and Tobias Sedlacek.

Revision Skis & Apparel

Learn More

About Lappland

Lappland is a vast, magical, ever-changing place where it can go from -40 C in the winter to +30 C in the summer. Considered Europe’s last wilderness and home to Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami, this is the land of eight seasons.  A place where you can also experience both the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Swedish Lapland is filled with vast forests of pine and spruce, powerful rivers that provide drainage from the snow-covered fells and peaceful lakeside villages that are found among the hills. One quarter of Sweden’s surface area is located in Lappland. While it covers a vary larger portion of surface area, it is still a far trek to reach the region for many of Sweden’s citizens. The appeal of experiencing pure nature first hand is what draws visitors to make the sometimes long trip to this vast and sparsely populated region of Sweden.

Catching Up with Tobias Sedlacek of The Bunch

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with with freestyle skier, Tobias Sedlacek discussing last season and his plans for the future.

Hey Tobias, just wanted to check in with you and see how your summer is going? 

Hey! I started off the summer in Mt Hood, first off staying in an apartment up in Govy with The Bunch crew and finished up my Hood, Oregon stay camping in the woods with a fat crew.  First of June I traveled back to Sweden.  Since then, I’ve been working in a freezer warehouse in my hometown busting my ass off trying to stack enough money for the upcoming season, partying and chilling with homies.

Last season, you started off the year filming urban with The Bunch in Sweden.  How did that go?  What were some of the highlights?

It went well!  My season started a bit later than I wanted because I finished high school just before the winter break, but I’m happy with what I accomplished.  The winter in Sweden was kind of bad so we couldn’t hit all the spots we wanted, but on the bright side we’ve got more to hit this upcoming season!  The highlight was staying in my friend fg’s cabin for a week and doing urbans during the day.  Although we didn’t stack too many shots, it was a sick time.  Also New Year’s, where we kind of hit three spots in one day which was mad fun and I managed to get three shots as well, which was a good start for a party night.

You competed in War of Rails last season, tell us how that went?

It went pretty well.  I was stoked on my riding, but I had some troubles putting down a whole run.  I got a lot of props on my riding from people I look up to, so after all it was a successful weekend, especially just staying with the Dais crew in their house, chillin’ like a villain and skiing in the Golden State.

You were pretty active during your trip to North America, with stops in California, Hood, Montana, and British Columbia.  Can you tell us more about it?  What were some of the best moments for you?

Well, the trip started in February with Magnus and I flying out to Cali for WOR.  We then met up with Maxi and a few weeks after, the rest of the crew. We drove through all the West Coast states:  Cali, Oregon & Washington, and skied wherever we felt like it.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to Canada and Montana with you guys too, which I’m really thankful for.

I think I have three favorite moments on the trip:

First off, Catskiing in Canada was a dream come true.  I never thought I would understand people saying “there’s to much snow”, you know?  But after that trip I kind of do!  Great guides, great snow and a great crew!

Secondly:  Meeting up with the rest of The Bunch In Cali.  Maxi, Magnus and I had stayed with The Dais homies which was a sick time and then we all took our cars and drove down to LA to pick up the boys.  We also decided on a spot to camp for the night.  Long story short, we camped in a recreation area, got busted by the popo the day after and three police cars rolled in.  We had two uninsured and unregistered cars, 10 swedes in ’em and somehow we managed to get away with it.  The cop probably believed us and that was lucky, because he told us he could have impounded our cars if he wanted to, which would’ve messed up our trip.

Last, camping in the woods of Oregon.  Too many great memories to share so I’ll leave it like this:  What a long strange month it was.

What should we expect from you in the new movie from The Bunch?

Of course, a bunch of street skiing, but what I think I’ll surprise most people with is my BC riding.  This year was kind of the first time riding “real” powder and “real” backcountry because Sweden doesn’t have to much of it, and to me it’s the best time you can have on a set of skis.  Hopefully people will like it, because I’m planning on continuing on that path!

In your opinion, what makes The Bunch unique and stand out from the crowd? 

Well, it’s kind of hard being in it and try to say what makes us stand out from the crowd, but I think it’s a lot about always trying to be creative, not only in our skiing, but all there is around it and having fun along the way.  Seeing others have fun is way more enjoyable for me than watching the Olympics and seeing people scared shitless while trying to put down a run they trained the last four years for. That’s the cool thing about skiing:  There is something for everyone, whether it’s competing, riding pow or doing urbans.

What are your plans for next season?

Starting off like last year with doing urbans, and hopefully get some glacier riding in before that.  Where we will be doing urbans is undecided, but I want to explore my hometown more, other cities in Sweden, and hopefully some other counties as well.  I will probably get some backcountry in before heading over to The States for a while to film pow and urban like we usually do it. Then, hopefully make another trip cat skiing in Canada before heading home earlier than usual to ski a ski-mecca up in the Northern parts of Sweden called Riksgränsen.

You mentioned that you intend to focus more time in the backcountry. What’s your favorite part about skiing in the backcountry?

Definitely the freedom and somehow feeling connected to the nature.  I kind of feel like an animal walking around in the woods with my skis on my back, but instead of looking for a prey I was looking for the perfect spot to ski.  I love being out in the woods, so combining that with skiing is a winning combination in my mind.

Of course, the feeling of riding powder is something completely different than anything else and that has a big input on why it’s as fun as it is.

How do you think your style and creativity translates to the BC?

I think my style will be similar to how it is in the park or in the streets, which is calm but still going big with a skate inspiration. I will definitely try to take that to the pow even more next year after getting some experience this year.  The creativity is already in my head since I have ridden a lot in the park and street, where you always have to keep your game fresh.  The fattest pow segments in my opinion are from the Nimbus crew’s older stuff, and the older Poor Boyz stuff, like “Idea”. “Idea” is definitely my favorite movie. Looking at street skiing it evolves so much every year, that doing what you did last year will be outdated the season after.  So I wanna try to bring something new and fresh to the pow scene, and I’m not talking doing new dubs in the pow even though that could be really cool too.  So, next year, my part will hopefully include a lot of different BC stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us Tobias, we are hyped to see all of your hard work pay off in the upcoming film, “Finess”,  from The Bunch.

A Fresh Outlook on Skiing by Revision Skis

Revision Skis is a small, accessible freestyle skiing company that makes the skis that our family wants to ride.  Our focus is on having fun while expressing our own individual creativity and style. We are in the freeskiing business for the love of it and we do things our own way. We look forward to continuing to connect with the community in the future and are excited to hear from you. As we officially launch our fresh, new brand of skis, we hope you enjoy this video of our family enjoying our twin tip skis in a variety of conditions. We hope you will stop and take a moment to check out our lineup of park skis, powder skis, and all mountain skis.

Video edited by Mike Kvackay | Filmed by Bobby Jahrig, Frank King, Mike Kvackay, Andrew Keyser, The Bunch, Sam Trefaller, Arthur Baluff, Ben Zeimet & Thomas Vincent

The Bunch – Mistas in Big Bear

Atter a winter with snow huntig in the deepest north of Scandinavia dem MiSTAS decided to take a vacation. They where aiming for the Sun and the quinnos and ended up in Big Bear together with the DAIS crew and B.Mack. FEw HANDYCAM SHOTTAS AND few borrowed shottas. CALI. Featuring freeskier Tobias Sedlacek of The Bunch.

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