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Recently, Blister Gear Review put a pair of Revision Subtraction powder skis through the paces in Wyoming’s Targhee mountains.  Click here to check out the review.

Blister is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable review authorities in the outdoor sporting goods industry. They’ve conducted reviews of countless pairs of skis, and are known for thorough, honest evaluations and reviews of a given ski’s strengths and weaknesses. They know their stuff, and they aren’t scared to post what’s on their mind. And you can’t buy a review from Blister – they will accept no money from the product manufacturer, not even paid advertising on their site.

So, with that, we were stoked that Blister Gear Review found the Subtraction to ride as advertised in their evaluation. Cy Whitling put in over 20 days before writing his Revision Subtraction review and found them to be a lively, poppy, playful ski that you end up spending a ton of time in the air with. Perfect! That’s what we designed them for.

Here are some of Blister Gear’s findings from their Revision Subtraction review:

“(1) It’s quick. Really quick. I spend a fair bit of time on skis in this 110-118mm waist range, and the Subtraction is the quickest I’ve been on, both on the snow and in the air. All it takes is a flick of the ankles to throw the ski sideways, and the ski is very easy to pivot and slash.

(2) On the flip side, the Subtraction is not very damp. While you can push this ski (especially in softer conditions), it wasn’t designed to straight line through bumps, small trees, and lost children in the most direct route to the bottom. Rather, it wants to pivot around and jump off everything. On that note…

(3) It’s poppy. I’ve spent more time in the air on the Subtraction than on any other ski I’ve been on. It’s incredibly easy to load the tails and pop off of any bump or roller. Once in the air, that low swing weight means shifties and spins are very easy.” – Blister Gear Review’s Cy Whitling

Big thanks to Blister Gear Review for the Revision Subtraction review!

Revision Subtraction

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Revision Subtraction review by Blister Ski Review

Cy Whitling on the Revision Subtraction – Targhee, WY. (Photo credit Cy Whitling, Blister Gear Review)

Robb Gear

Robb Gear Revision Subtraction Twin Tip Powder Skis

Thanks to Robb Gear for highlighting the Subtraction in their latest issue. Read the highlight by clicking on THIS LINK.


About the reviewer:

Robb Gear is the reviewing arm of the Robb Report. They highlight products geared towards an active and luxury lifestyle. Take a look at the their website and all of the cool outdoor gear they get a chance to test out.

According to their website, they are “your authoritative guide to top-quality and unique products, from outdoor exploration goods to sports, fitness, travel, and other leisure activities. And it is not only the best source to learn about must-have products; it’s also the best place to acquire them.”

Revision Subtraction Wins Freeskier Magazine Editors Pick

The Revision Subtraction recently received a Freeskier Magazine Editors Pick as one of the best powder skis of 2016. Here is what they had to say in their review of the Subtraction:

“It’s like a park ski for powder days,” said one tester about the Revision Subtraction Skis. Another echoed this remark, noting, “It felt like a soft, playful park ski for the whole mountain.” Just look at that playfulness score, would ya? A five-point sidecut, poplar core and rocker-camber-rocker profile contribute to its fun and nimble character. Full-length carbon stringers with carbon reinforcements in the tip and tail provide lightweight strengthening, as well. With a 15-meter turn radius, the ski caused testers to note, “it’s user friendly and easy to turn.” Rest assured, this thing floats like a champ on the deep days.


Freeskier Magazine Editors Pick

Revision Skis Subtraction Review

Exotic Skis spent some time on the Revision Subtractions last winter.  Recently, they published a detailed review and impression of the Subtraction’s ride.  CLICK HERE to read their Revision Skis Subtraction Review.


Revision Skis Subtraction Review


Exotic Skis has built a nice little reputation as a reviewer of small ski brands. They like to highlight information on small, independent, boutique and innovative custom ski designers, builders and manufacturers.

We would like to thank Exotic for taking the time to review a pair of Revision Subtractions. Getting the word out about our small company and letting people know that our skis are legit is a very important element of our brand.