Kristian Vereide

Ticking Bomb 2015- Next Generation Media

Next Generation Media made it happen last season. The Norwegian ski filmers bring you plenty of stoke in “Ticking Bomb.” This is a new ski film featuring Kristian Vereide and many other talented skiers. Check it out below.



About Next Generation Media (NGM)

NGM ( website here) has been pumping out ski edits for over four years now. This film company started out as a group of buddies hanging out, skiing and filming in Norway. They have now grown into one of Norway’s largest ski filmers. Their first full-length film, “Hold Your Horses,” dropped in 2013. This was followed by “Hungry” in 2014, and next by “Ticking Bomb” in 2015.”

Based in Oslo, the company includes Ola Sollie, Fredrik Torsvik, and Edward Knai Nilsen. The three share all of the duties involved in making ski edits, from the camera work and directing through reel editing and production.

NGM is also working with experienced 3D-animators and graphic designers. This expands their ability to deliver high class videos and material.

Revision Skis is stoked to be working with Next Generation Media on past and upcoming projects.


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P.S. Need media services? We would highly recommend you check out their services page. Take a look at the guys’ offerings below.

Next Generation Media



Kristian Vereide at Hafjell Megapark

Hafjell Megapark

Hafjell Megapark went off this year and our friend Kristian Vereide and his squad from Next Generation Media just released this edit from their time at this insane park skiing setup in Norway.

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About Hafjell

Hafjell is home to world class park skiing and is the third largest ski resort in Norway. Located in Oppland county of the Oyer municipality, Hafjell is just a fifteen minute drive from Lillehammer.  Lillehammer was home to the 1994 Winter Olympics, with Hafjell serving as host to the giant slalom and slalom. The ski season at Hafjell typically runs from November through April of each year. There are sixteen ski lifts and an elevation at the summit of 3,379 feet.  The vertical drop from the summit to the base is 2,739 feet. Expert and advanced runs make up 25% of the terrain at Hafjell. 34% of the runs are intermediate with beginner runs making up the remaining 41% of the ski terrain. The longest ski run is appoximately 5 miles long. There are four different parks for skiing and they are split up based on ability level.  The Frontyard is the easiest option for park skiing at Hafjell and caters mainly to kids. The Backyard caters to all ability levels and includes both jumps and rails. The Burn Rail Garden is an easy park with ten simple rail features. Main Park has three different lines (Blue, Red, Black) and includes everything from small jumps and features to advanced features and large ski jumps.

In the off-season, Hafjell is home to the best downhill bike riding spot in Norway. If your an aggressive mountain biker, there are numerous jumps and drops to get your adrenaline going. Beginning riders also have terrain options as there are plenty of mellow, easy lines to keep them busy as they build confidence. Hafjell Bike Park has grown steadily in popularity over the years and is now considered a world class desination for downhill mountain biking. Tourists frequent the spot throughout the warm months from destinations across Europe. They come to Hafjell Bike Park for the amazing downhill terrain, but also to take advantage of the convenient gondola and lift access. Downhill is not the only option for riding, as there are amazing trails for cross-country and trail riding too.