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Sakarias Majander narrow lineArt is a huge influence for Revision team rider and Bunch member Sakarias Majander. When he’s not skiing and needs to recharge, he likes to draw, paint, and take a lot of pictures. Along with Erik Pousette, Sakarias (AKA “Saigon”) was a major creative influence behind the rad new topsheet for The Bunch X Revision collab Talisman model.


Sakarias had been ski bumming around for about 6-7 seasons, mostly in Sweden, before he, Erik, and Douglas Källsbo took a trip to Breck and ended up chilling with the young Bunch Crew for the first time. They all got along great and quickly barnstormed Sweden, Utah, Colorado, and Oregon, filming for what ended up being the full-length movie, “Far Out.” (If you haven’t seen Far Out, drop everything and go watch Far Out here.)


Asked about his close knit group of friends and their edits, Sakarias says that “The Bunch is and stands for what I want to see in skiing. Good people with their own interpretation of skiing, influenced by each other and what I would say quite unlike what some of their contemporaries are doing.”


On Revision, aside from the Talismans being his favorite ski ever, he says, “Fresh in the industry with a small company vibe, great vision and needless to say, amazing products. Having the opportunity to help out in the process of making this brand grow makes my legs twitch. Cant wait for the next season and the upcoming Revision trips.”

Keep an eye out for more great stuff coming down the pipeline from Saigon and The Bunch.



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