With a couple of high school state ski racing championships under his belt, Mike King is getting a reputation for carrying huge speed into big hits. Growing up on the slalom course, it wasn’t until after high school that Mike began really playing in the park and backcountry.

He’s spent the last two winters riding at Breck, working long summertime hours at his family’s northern Michigan cherry farm so he can ski bum it in the winter. He says that the hardest part about living this kind of lifestyle is making money. Whether it’s in a kitchen, back in the orchard, or doing odd jobs, he’s constantly working to fund his adventures. Mike is currently working to convert an old bus into a skimobile and plans to live out of it this season as basecamp for sled-accessed backcountry.

“It was awesome growing up from Michigan because  it really made you appreciate skiing. You really had to put in a lot of work to go skiing down a 400ft ice chunk. But there was skiing until 9pm so we went every night. Once I got the chance to send it west I did. It was like relearning how to ski making to transition from icy rails to deep and steep pow.” – King

King is stoked to be a part of a company that has the same vision as his own, and loves being involved with input on products and the direction of Revision Skis.

Mike King FWA

Sending at Fernie Wilderness Adventures, Fernie, BC