Leo Björklund

Leo Björklund slash


Leo Björklund Skate


The devil is in the details, judging by Leo Björklund’s ski game. Also known as “Lee B,” his funky riding style is to just go with the flow and work a lot of depth into his lines.


Fighting out of Lycksele, northern Sweden, Lee B’s journey with the Bunch started with a friendship that quickly grew into a family bond. He’s a critical part of a Bunch team that’s redefining what it means to freeski – just playing around and having fun wherever you can, making the most out of hits and creative features. Jibbing white picket fences, creekbeds, nose buttering small children – all fair game.


“I love the fact that, as a rider for Revision, I don’t get told what to do but instead I get to create my own path as a part of something bigger than myself.” – Lee B

Fellow Bunch member Douglas Källsbo describes Lee B as “the weird musician skiing man, with a creative mind!” Leo likes to spend his downtime by punching an electric Organ Wizard 302 in a small room accompanied by weird jazz influenced guitar sounds.