Jens Nilsson Revision Skis

Just travel around the globe ski, live life and create DOPENESS along the way. – Jens Nilsson

Jens Nilsson first picked up some skis at age 5, but put them down for a snowboard until he was 13, when he really started getting into the ski scene. We’re glad he saw the light, because he is now bringing some sweet talent to the Revisionaries team, like the wall rides and blind drops he nails in his segment in The Bunch’s full-length film, “Finesse” (watch the whole thing, but scroll to 21:20 for the start of Jens’ seggy).

Jens comes from small village in Sweden called TullerÃ¥sen. He hooked up with LSM, Magnus Graner, Linus Tornberg, and Pär Peyben Hägglund at a ski academy in Sweden’s northernmost city, Kiruna, where they became friends right away and started filming a few edits with Tobias “Hummpe” Johansson. After Hummpe moved away, the boys started filming themselves and eventually dropped the Bunch’s first edit, KryptoChronicCottonLight, featuring Jens and Linus. KryptoChronicCottonLight got of a lot of hype and set the stage for more Bunch stoke to come in the following years.

This season, Jens is stoked to keep filming with The Bunch, which plans to take trips and release content continuously during the season instead of saving it all for one movie.

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