Douglas Källsbo

Douglas Källsbo - Dogge through tree Moscow


Growing up, Douglas Källsbo took ski trips with his family to resorts around the world.  Back home in relatively flat Stockholm, though, the limited mountain options led to Douglas and his buddies sessioning a ton of urban ones. Stockholm is a perfect town for urban riding, and the city was a big influence on Douglas’ skiing style.

Douglas is a member of The Bunch. In the early days, Douglas spent his days ripping Stockholm with Lucas StÃ¥l-Madison (“LSM”). LSM headed north for school, forming a crew with the guys that began to make The Bunch edits. Meanwhile, Douglas, Erik, and Sakarias started the 1000 crew. When all of the guys finished school, it came naturally to share the creativity, ski and live together, and become one big crew.


“To be a part of Revisions skis is the best, so damn fun to cooperate with a brand that is new and upcoming. My everyday choice of ski are the Talismans, the flexiest ski out there. Perfect for buttering, nose blocks, bouncing and all that fun stuff.” – Douglas Källsbo
Douglas Källsbo - Dogge Nose Press