Our Sustainability Re-Vision

Passion is the foundation of Revision Skis. We guess you could say it’s embedded in our brand. We love skiing. It’s as simple as that.  Are we concerned about the future of freestyle skiing due to climate change and environmental degradation? Yes. Do we want to practice sustainable ski manufacturing? 100 percent we do! Are we going to stay idle? Not a chance!

While we know that we at Revision Skis won’t solve the global environmental dilemma, we believe we can help spearhead the discussion about sustainable ski manufacturing. Just because we’re small, doesn’t mean we don’t think big! As Yvon Choinard says, “Living an examined life is a pain in the ass”. Being responsible may seem like heavy lifting at the start, but we’re committed to being the best we can be, on and off the mountain.
Our Impacts – What are we doing for the 2015-2016 production season?
Our sustainable ski manufacturing program is in its infancy, but that doesn’t mean we’re new to the game! Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the ski industry and sustainability leadership. So, what is Revision skis doing to help combat our impacts for the coming production year? Two key things:

Carbon Neutral Sustainable Ski Manufacturing

Sustainable Ski Manufacturing – We’re Carbon Neutral!

The global climate continues to warm with every year being warmer than the previous year. Some ski resorts on the west coast opened up less than 20 days in the 2014-15 year. We understand that weather fluctuations create yearly anomalies; we also understand that long-term climate change challenges the sport we love.

First we need to understand the carbon footprint of our skis. Research shows the carbon footprint of a ski is approximately 47 kg. That may not sound like much but if you consider that approximately 3,500,000 skis were sold in 2012, then the 164,500 tons of carbon emissions associated with those skis would be equal to approximately 40,000 cars.

We’ve committed to be CARBON NEUTRAL. That’s right! The manufacturing of our skis moving forward will be 100% carbon neutral. For every ski bought, we’ll offset the carbon footprint through Carbonfund.org. Our goal is to not only be carbon neutral, we plan to be carbon positive, meaning we’ll offset more than we produce. We won’t stop just at the manufacturing of our skis, we are continually looking for ways to make the production of Revision Skis more efficient.

Sustainable Ski Core Manufacturing

Protecting our Forest

Because we love ski and mountain culture, we understand that we need to work to minimize our impacts as much as possible. We’re working with our ski manufacturers and suppliers to reduce the ecological footprint of our skis. The largest resource used in Revision Skis is the wood core. Because of this, we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that the wood for our skis only comes from sustainable forest companies.

Our skis are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests; the only forest certification system broadly endorsed by environmental and social organizations internationally. FSC is an independent, third party certification scheme that audits on-the-ground logging operations according to ten international principles and criteria to ensure sustainable logging operations.