Advance Ski Movie

While filming the Advance ski movie, we spent the last season chasing snow with friends in both the backcountry and the streets. We had some deep days cat skiing with our friends at Fernie Wilderness Adventures, where the snow always seems to hit for us.  Our time at Grand Targhee was great as well, but we weren’t as lucky on the weather. Other legs of the trip while filming included street skiing in Sweden and Russia, along with a bunch of other great spots across the Western states. Hit play, sit back, and enjoy the Advance ski movie, featuring skiers Mike King, Sandy Boville, Chris McKeever, Tobias Sedlacek, Erik Pousette, Sakarias Majander, Leo Bjorklund, Douglas Kallsbo, Ian Hamilton, Danny Arnold, Sam Zahner, Jake Fagrelius, and Tanner Berg. We hope you enjoy watching ‘Advance’ as much as we did filming it.

Advance Ski Movie Locations

  • British Columbia
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • More….

Advance Ski Movie - Targhee

Revision Skis Week at Camp of Champions

This summer marks the 28th year Camp of Champions has been running summer sessions up on the Horstman Glacier and we were stoked to be apart of it for Revision Skis Week! Sandy Boville, Chris McKeever, Sam Zahner, and myself Mike King headed up to Whistler, British Columbia for Revision Skis Week. Also cramming into the single bedroom with the crew was Liam Mckinley and Rachel Block to capture everything that went down behind the lens. Due to a lack of snow in the Pacific Northwest, the glacier has been receding at an accelerated rate. With more rocks showing and elevated temperatures, COC still managed to put together a world-class park. After the first couple laps we were quickly reminded how painful skiing is, but the young gun Sam Zahner quickly started going in to get the sessions started. After a long sunscreen filled day of skiing we packed a bus full of campers and athletes and headed to Whistler Bungee. Laughter and screams bellowed through the canyon as kids hurled themselves off a 160ft bridge. The stoke level was at an all time high. Dodge ball, skateboarding, and jumping on trampolines were some of the activities that went down after beautiful bluebird days on the glacier. Late nights followed by early mornings made this week one for the record books. Shout out to Ken, Shelby, and the rest of the COC staff for an awesome camp. See you next year! Words by Mike King, video by Liam McKinley, and photos by Rachel Bock.

Mike King and Sam Zahner at Revision Skis Week

Woodward Copper Revision Skis Week

Woodward Copper Revision Skis Week

Well, it has been one hell of a week at summer camp! We had the pleasure of hanging out with a solid crew of stoked campers both on and off the snow. The park setup was prime and it was great to have such excellent snow in Colorado in June. We made a lot of new friends while skiing at Woodward Copper Revision Skis week and can’t wait to ski with them again in the future. During our off time, we took advantage of the skate park and the barn.  If you enjoy skating, you will have a great time in the skate park, which is loaded with sick features.  Also, the trampolines and dry slope/foam pit in the barn was a great way to practice new tricks that we were looking to bring to snow.  Whether we were on-snow, at the skate park, or kicking it in the Barn, the setup was prime and we made a bunch of new friends. Revision Skis Week came and went way too fast for our crew of Sandy Boville, Chris McKeever, Ian Hamilton, and Tanner Berg. We hope you enjoy this video that Mike Kvackay put together from our time at Woodward Copper.  We had a great time at camp and hope that comes through in the video.

We are looking forward to future Woodward Copper Revision Skis weeks, so please reach out to us and let us know if you will be attending too.  It’s a great way to meet and ski with like minded individuals while learning new tricks. Skiing a prime Colorado park setup in the middle of the summer is a great way to break up the offseason and be ready for the following winter.

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Woodward Copper Revision Skis Week - Chris McKeever


Kristian Vereide at Hafjell Megapark

Hafjell Megapark

Hafjell Megapark went off this year and our friend Kristian Vereide and his squad from Next Generation Media just released this edit from their time at this insane park skiing setup in Norway.

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About Hafjell

Hafjell is home to world class park skiing and is the third largest ski resort in Norway. Located in Oppland county of the Oyer municipality, Hafjell is just a fifteen minute drive from Lillehammer.  Lillehammer was home to the 1994 Winter Olympics, with Hafjell serving as host to the giant slalom and slalom. The ski season at Hafjell typically runs from November through April of each year. There are sixteen ski lifts and an elevation at the summit of 3,379 feet.  The vertical drop from the summit to the base is 2,739 feet. Expert and advanced runs make up 25% of the terrain at Hafjell. 34% of the runs are intermediate with beginner runs making up the remaining 41% of the ski terrain. The longest ski run is appoximately 5 miles long. There are four different parks for skiing and they are split up based on ability level.  The Frontyard is the easiest option for park skiing at Hafjell and caters mainly to kids. The Backyard caters to all ability levels and includes both jumps and rails. The Burn Rail Garden is an easy park with ten simple rail features. Main Park has three different lines (Blue, Red, Black) and includes everything from small jumps and features to advanced features and large ski jumps.

In the off-season, Hafjell is home to the best downhill bike riding spot in Norway. If your an aggressive mountain biker, there are numerous jumps and drops to get your adrenaline going. Beginning riders also have terrain options as there are plenty of mellow, easy lines to keep them busy as they build confidence. Hafjell Bike Park has grown steadily in popularity over the years and is now considered a world class desination for downhill mountain biking. Tourists frequent the spot throughout the warm months from destinations across Europe. They come to Hafjell Bike Park for the amazing downhill terrain, but also to take advantage of the convenient gondola and lift access. Downhill is not the only option for riding, as there are amazing trails for cross-country and trail riding too.

The Bunch Dear JP

From The Bunch:

“Hey Man!

Hope all is well up there, that you’re shredding a lot of fresh clouds with biggie and all that.

Unfortunately we never got to meet you in this life.

But of what we can understand you added a big part of the style in our lifestyles.

Just wanted to toss a major shouts for that and everything else you did for the skiing community and the rest of the world. Teaching us all how to have a real #goodtime, truly inspiring.

Oh and by the way, we won the price for Most fun. Pretty good price to win huh?

This years memorial for you was real turnt up, we had a shit tone of fun and made a lot of new and old friends. I can’t tell you how much we all wish you where here.

Yours truly

The Bunch

Film and edit by Gustav Cavallin

Read more at”

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