2015-2016 Revision Skis Binding Mounting Guide

The 2015-2016 Revision Skis Binding Mounting Guide for the 2015-2016 lineup of skis can be found here:

2015-2016 Revision Skis Binding Mounting Guide


2015-2016 Revision Skis Binding Mounting Guide






Revision Skis recommends that you take your skis and the mounting guide to a professional ski shop to have your bindings installed. This is the best way to be sure that your bindings will be properly mounted. Your local shop should have the jigs and the know how to do the job right. Remember that all binding placements should be measured from the tail of the ski to the boot center location that you want.

Of course, there are a lot of resources online that explain how to mount your bindings yourself if you want to give it a try. This might be an option if you know that your shop doesn’t have a lot of attention to detail and you are somewhat handy. In this case (besides finding a better shop), it would be worth your time to think about buying the manufacturer’s jig. Better yet, buy the same pair of bindings as a buddy or two and go in on the jig together.

Sandy Boville Colorado in December

After Rails to riches I sent it to Colorado from Vermont……….which is quite far I found out. After a few days of driving and some budget hotel sleeps, I finally made it to the Rocky Mountains. Arriving into Breckenridge I met up with Slopestyle co-owner Chris Krance who I would be crashing with for the next few days. If you are ever in the area be sure to check out his kick ass store!


The morning wake up view

The morning wake up view from castle Krance


I skied Breckenridge and Keystone for the next few days. Watching a bit of the action going on at the Dew Tour…Skiing is getting pretty crazy these days!


Sw Nose Manuals

Working on my switch nose manuals at Keystone


Dew tour does a street style rail jam in the village and this is the first year they invited skiers. I lucked out and got into the jam happening on the Friday night of the mountain championships. It was a pretty interesting setup but a super fun time. A ton of spectators came out to watch the event making the atmosphere very exciting.


Dew Tour Street style Jam

Dew Tour Street style jam greasing the mini rainbow.


Following the event, I had a few more days to rip around Breckenridge as a few inches fell here and there throughout the week. We even got a killer last day at Keystone and were finally able to hit some jumps!


Soul shredding selfies

Soul shredding selfies with “Mr. America” Shay Lee.

Sandy Boville Colorado Photo by Gill Montgomery

Flat 5 at Keystone. Photo: Gill Montgomery


After a solid 2 weeks in Colorado I took off back to Ontario. I made the 28 hr trek home in two days. Thank you Joe Rogan podcast for keeping me entertained! -Sandy Boville Colorado