Woodward Copper Revision Skis Week

Woodward Copper Revision Skis Week

Well, it has been one hell of a week at summer camp! We had the pleasure of hanging out with a solid crew of stoked campers both on and off the snow. The park setup was prime and it was great to have such excellent snow in Colorado in June. We made a lot of new friends while skiing at Woodward Copper Revision Skis week and can’t wait to ski with them again in the future. During our off time, we took advantage of the skate park and the barn.  If you enjoy skating, you will have a great time in the skate park, which is loaded with sick features.  Also, the trampolines and dry slope/foam pit in the barn was a great way to practice new tricks that we were looking to bring to snow.  Whether we were on-snow, at the skate park, or kicking it in the Barn, the setup was prime and we made a bunch of new friends. Revision Skis Week came and went way too fast for our crew of Sandy Boville, Chris McKeever, Ian Hamilton, and Tanner Berg. We hope you enjoy this video that Mike Kvackay put together from our time at Woodward Copper.  We had a great time at camp and hope that comes through in the video.

We are looking forward to future Woodward Copper Revision Skis weeks, so please reach out to us and let us know if you will be attending too.  It’s a great way to meet and ski with like minded individuals while learning new tricks. Skiing a prime Colorado park setup in the middle of the summer is a great way to break up the offseason and be ready for the following winter.

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Woodward Copper Revision Skis Week - Chris McKeever


Kristian Vereide at Hafjell Megapark

Hafjell Megapark

Hafjell Megapark went off this year and our friend Kristian Vereide and his squad from Next Generation Media just released this edit from their time at this insane park skiing setup in Norway.

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About Hafjell

Hafjell is home to world class park skiing and is the third largest ski resort in Norway. Located in Oppland county of the Oyer municipality, Hafjell is just a fifteen minute drive from Lillehammer.  Lillehammer was home to the 1994 Winter Olympics, with Hafjell serving as host to the giant slalom and slalom. The ski season at Hafjell typically runs from November through April of each year. There are sixteen ski lifts and an elevation at the summit of 3,379 feet.  The vertical drop from the summit to the base is 2,739 feet. Expert and advanced runs make up 25% of the terrain at Hafjell. 34% of the runs are intermediate with beginner runs making up the remaining 41% of the ski terrain. The longest ski run is appoximately 5 miles long. There are four different parks for skiing and they are split up based on ability level.  The Frontyard is the easiest option for park skiing at Hafjell and caters mainly to kids. The Backyard caters to all ability levels and includes both jumps and rails. The Burn Rail Garden is an easy park with ten simple rail features. Main Park has three different lines (Blue, Red, Black) and includes everything from small jumps and features to advanced features and large ski jumps.

In the off-season, Hafjell is home to the best downhill bike riding spot in Norway. If your an aggressive mountain biker, there are numerous jumps and drops to get your adrenaline going. Beginning riders also have terrain options as there are plenty of mellow, easy lines to keep them busy as they build confidence. Hafjell Bike Park has grown steadily in popularity over the years and is now considered a world class desination for downhill mountain biking. Tourists frequent the spot throughout the warm months from destinations across Europe. They come to Hafjell Bike Park for the amazing downhill terrain, but also to take advantage of the convenient gondola and lift access. Downhill is not the only option for riding, as there are amazing trails for cross-country and trail riding too.

The Bunch Dear JP

From The Bunch:

“Hey Man!

Hope all is well up there, that you’re shredding a lot of fresh clouds with biggie and all that.

Unfortunately we never got to meet you in this life.

But of what we can understand you added a big part of the style in our lifestyles.

Just wanted to toss a major shouts for that and everything else you did for the skiing community and the rest of the world. Teaching us all how to have a real #goodtime, truly inspiring.

Oh and by the way, we won the price for Most fun. Pretty good price to win huh?

This years memorial for you was real turnt up, we had a shit tone of fun and made a lot of new and old friends. I can’t tell you how much we all wish you where here.

Yours truly

The Bunch

Film and edit by Gustav Cavallin

Read more at http://www.newschoolers.com/watch/771095.0/Dear-JP#1fcBPijiZLzoqWjA.99”

Finito Street Skiing Moscow, Russia with The Bunch

Street Skiing Moscow

Hello, Tobias Sedlacek here. On the 14th of January, parts of The Bunch crew, including myself drove to Moscow, Russia from Sweden. After driving for two days, we were there. The snow wasn’t that much, but there were spots everywhere. With a crew of 7 skiers including filmer Ante Olofsson we were street skiing Moscow for almost two weeks filming for our upcomming movie “Finito”.

urban skiing moscow

Me, bench hopping

Douglas street skiing Moscow

Douglas nose blocking and using the Talismans the right way

We met up with the LSM crew who showed us the way around Moscow, helped us finding spots and showed us some great Russian hospitality. One day we went out to hit a skatepark with the LSM boys but ended up not being able to get through security who guarded the park, if we tried apparently they were going to call the police on us. Instead we headed to another park where we ended up riding in front of the biggest audience we’ve had in the streets, probably around 30 people. Maybe because one of the Russian homies told them our movie would be in the Cinema, but most likely because they aren’t used on seeing people ski street there.

The Bunch skiing in Moscow

Douglas in front of some Moscow projects

The Bunch urban skiing Russia

Magnus walking over the ice to get to a spot

We went to a city an hour away from Moscow called Podolsk. Podolsk is an old industrial city and during the Soviet times it was one of the biggest industrial giants in the Moscow oblast, which is the name of region around Moscow. These days, it’s a worn out city with landmarks from the war times. One of the marks is a big abbandon dam, that never got finnished building and nowadays instead houses graffiti artists.

Graffiti in Russia

Dora the AK-47 explorer

abandoned dam in Podolsk

Me, in the abandoned dam in Podolsk

A game changer for us this year is our winch a.k.a Leonardo Da Winch. A friend of ours built it this fall out of a go-cart engine and it’s pretty darn fast. Unfortunately, Leonardo was struggling a bit with us but overall he helped us out alot. We wouldn’t have been able to hit most of the spots we did without him.

Russian winch for urban skiing

Peyben drives Leonardo accompanied by Skrotin, one of our Russian homies. I can’t count on one hand how many times Peyben and his apprentice Douglas fixed Leonardo

We also went touristing and got to see the famous “Red Square” where the Vasilj Cathedral also is located. The churches and cathedrals in Russia is so sick, having these round shaped roofs with different colours on them. Very nice!

The classic Vasilj Cathedral

The classic Vasilj Cathedral

The Bunch Central Moscow

A random cathedral/church somewhere in central Moscow

Tobias, Magnus and Maxi in font of some monument

Me, Magnus and Maxi in font of some monument

K-Lab Freeski Store Russia

We got invited to the K-Lab store, only freeski store in Russia to come hang and drink beers with them. Arriving to the spot, our second film “Finess” was showing. We signed a group photo they took of us and had a great time

After two weeks, we headed home. Street skiing Moscow, Russia was a great experience and shattered most of the prejudices I’ve had. Everyone treated us great, and wanted to show Moscow in it’s best way. Thanks to everyone, but mostly to Alex of LSM for being a great guide for our trip!

Leaving our block in Moscow

Leaving our block in Moscow

Ferry from Russia to Sweden - The Bunch Street Skiing

On the ferry on our way home to Sweden

Lappland by The Bunch

Lappland by The Bunch

“Lappland by The Bunch” is the first video from the Swedish Revision Skis crew, including five Revisionaries who all are brothers of The Bunch. Lappland is the name of the northern region of Sweden where this video was filmed, which is also known as “The last wilderness of Europe”.

Our trip to Lappland was calming and a great change of pace as we were able to absorb this peaceful, natural location. We hope you enjoy this video full of speed variations accompanied by music reflecting the experience of the wilderness seen through the eyes of our riders. Expect the unexpected and keep an open mind. Take your time while watching this video, and you’ll get to re-live the Northern wilderness in a dreamy way.

Featuring riders Leo Björklund, Sakarias Majander, Erik Pousette, Douglas Källsbo, and Tobias Sedlacek.

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About Lappland

Lappland is a vast, magical, ever-changing place where it can go from -40 C in the winter to +30 C in the summer. Considered Europe’s last wilderness and home to Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami, this is the land of eight seasons.  A place where you can also experience both the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Swedish Lapland is filled with vast forests of pine and spruce, powerful rivers that provide drainage from the snow-covered fells and peaceful lakeside villages that are found among the hills. One quarter of Sweden’s surface area is located in Lappland. While it covers a vary larger portion of surface area, it is still a far trek to reach the region for many of Sweden’s citizens. The appeal of experiencing pure nature first hand is what draws visitors to make the sometimes long trip to this vast and sparsely populated region of Sweden.

Powder Skiing Loveland Pass with Chris McKeever

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Powder Skiing Loveland Pass

Powder skiing Loveland Pass, Colorado is an absolute blast when your making car laps and getting fresh tracks with your friends.  Chris McKeever and friends have been getting after the powder skiing at Loveland Pass on their Subtraction powder skis this season. We hope you enjoy this video, which gives a great look at the ski conditions at the pass.

If powder skiing Loveland Pass is one of your goals, you’re in luck because the access is relatively easy and it is one of the best worst-kept secrets in backcountry powder skiing. To get the goods, you take Interstate 70 West to exit 216 and merge onto US 6 West toward Loveland Pass. Then you continue for 4.7 miles to the upper parking lot. The lower lot is located on the lefthand side on the third tight turn.

Car pooling with your crew is the most efficient way to manage powder skiing at the pass. That allows you to not have to worry about the waiting involved with hitching rides to the top. If you plan to ski the pass on the weekends, it will be a bit busier. This makes it easier to hitch rides, but you will also have to deal with more of a crowd on the terrain. Weekdays are typically a little less busy, which may lead to a little longer wait time for hitching rides. Ultimately, the best plan is to go with a group of experienced friends on a weekday in order to take full advantage.

Powder skiing at Loveland Pass, Colorado is characterized by terrain suited for many different preferences and levels of riding. Big lines, cornices, and chutes are there for the taking in the Western bowl and beyond. Or if your looking for low angle terrain, you can access it by dropping in closer to the road on the North side, or by taking a South/South-Eastern line on the West side of the road. Please note – with easy backcountry access comes responsibility. It’s important to make sure that you are a confident, well trained, experienced backcountry skier and that the other members of your group are as well.

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