About Revision Skis

At Revision Skis, our focus is on keeping it positive and having as much fun as possible while skiing. We are a small, word-of-mouth company that is passionate about freestyle skiing and the creativity that it fosters. We make skis that we personally love to ride because we know our passion will translate to other skiers. A wonderful aspect of skiing is that everybody has their own style. We are a family of skiers who are riding for the love of skiing and having good times with our friends. Ultimately, skiing is about having fun, doing your own thing and not being confined by rules and regulations. You don’t need a coach, a bunch of money, or even a mountain to have fun. All you need is a set of skis and a vision.

One of the core values of Revision Skis is that we believe it is okay to make mistakes. We are a small company that views mistakes as an opportunity to grow and elevate our game to the next level. Just like in skiing, we expect to fall down, brush ourselves off, go bigger, and stomp it the next time around.

Revision’s skis are handcrafted with an acute attention to detail inside and out. Our culture fosters individuality, in-depth rider feedback and most importantly, having fun. Passion is the foundation of Revision Skis and the rider will feel it come through without question. We are a family made up of individuals with unique viewpoints, complimentary styles, and an enthusiasm to design skis that we personally have fun riding on.

Learn More About Revision Skis

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Frequently Asked Questions about Revision Skis

Do you distribute your skis worldwide?

We have international distribution in the following countries:

If you are interested in learning about distributing Revision Skis in your country, please contact us.

What does the Revision Skis logo mean?

The Revision Skis logo is inspired by the Turkish Evil Eye.

What is the inspiration behind Separate Yourself?

You may notice us using #SeparateYourself in our posts across social media networks. The idea of ‘Separating Yourself’ has great meaning to us as we are a small, word-of-mouth freestyle skiing company doing our own thing in the industry. Our goal, first and foremost, is to have fun and design skis that we want to ride. We aren’t looking to make sacrifices in order to be the next ‘big thing’ in the industry. Freestyle skiing is about style and individuality and we are happy to be doing things our own way.

Where are you located?

The partners of Revision Skis, Inc. reside in Colorado and Michigan.

Where can I demo skis?

We plan to have skis available for demo this winter in Colorado, Michigan, and a few other select areas.

Where are Revision skis made?

Revision Skis are designed and prototyped in small quantities in the US. Production runs occur in China. Our owners are personally experienced in laying up and finishing our own skis by hand, and we have also tested a LOT of skis built by manufacturing companies in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere in North America. What we have found is that our efforts are best spent on a continuous cycle of designing, rapid prototyping, testing, and tweaking at home in the US. Once a design is polished, we prefer to shift the burden of mass-production to one of our highly capable manufacturers. We are able to provide our customers with a much better balance of high quality construction, warranty policies, and value by sourcing production skis from Asia than we can by building the skis ourselves, or by choosing a manufacturing partner in North America or Europe. We are excited to have found a great manufacturing partner that offers a high quality product with competitive pricing, allowing us to focus our time and energy on rapid product development.

How can I get a hold of you?

You can reach us via email at Contact Us or via phone at (844) 705-9881.