The Beginning of Something Great

It’s been a busy one so far. I’ve touched down on both coasts of the USA and Canada. And I can’t complain! This is the beginning of something great.

Starting the season off I went over to Killington Mountain for the annual Rails 2 Riches contest. Since I hadn’t skied yet, I decided to go a few days early to get use to sliding down the hill again. As you can see there wasn’t a whole lot of snow..


killington with no snow for rails to richesThe gondola ride up

a little more snow is the beginning of something great A little bit more under the chairlifts…


I was able to ride for about 4 days in some very stormy weather before the contest. I skied really well for only having a few days under my belt. I made it into the finals so I was pumped! You can check out the full video recap.

killington instagram

An air to put me into finals


After Killington I headed west to Whistler. They had an incredible early season so I decided to get over there to score some powder turns. As you can see the days were great!

sandy boville face shots

Face shots galore!

sick pow turns

Jarad Martin finding the goods

jarrod martin instagram

Ripping with these dudes was all-time!


Unfortunately just past the halfway mark of my trip I caught an edge in the park and separated my shoulder. So skiing was over for me until after christmas. I headed home for the holidays to heal up!

Sandy Boville Shoulder

My ability to lift my right arm… I was not happy!


After a few weeks off I was finally able to make it back out on the hill and do some cruising. For the first little bit I took it pretty easy. I didn’t feel like I was missing out too much since there really wasn’t much snow.


Spence Modelling

Spence man modeling the greens


By the time the New Year had hit we were finally starting to accumulate a bit of snow. I was able to link up with my good friend Matthew Waring and we headed to Dagmar for some hot laps.


A few days later I got a message from the dudes over at Newschoolers. They informed me they were heading to Alberta for a ski/travel trip and wanted to know if I was interested. Giving them the thumbs up I headed off to Calgary where I met up with LJ Strenio, Will Wesson, Shay Lee, Nicky Keefer, Jaime Walter, Jasper Newton and Douglas Bishop. We spent the whole week traveling through the Alberta rockies visiting Banff and Jasper.

Lucas Wachs

Lucas Wachs reached the top of our skin up

Will Wesson

About to bag a cooly at Sunshine Village

Bad Bitches

Some people had more fun than others on this trip


After this unforgettable trip wrapped up I flew south to Denver to partake in the SIA trade show and on snow demo up at Copper Mountain.

Copper Mountain Powder Turns

To many nights out in Denver had me excited for the fresh snow at Copper


Following the SIA weekend I stayed in Denver to shoot some street footage with Level 1. All aboard this short adventure was Jonny Durst, Khai Krepela, Lj Strenio, Will Wesson and Josh Berman. We were only there for about 6 days but were able to get down to business produce some stellar footage. Be sure to check it out in Level 1’s new flick this September.

Last up on the long trip I flew up to Quebec City for the RedBull Redirect contest. They had built a big scaffolding venue for a drop in and mixed in existing urban features into the man made course. Check out the full video recap here:

Sandy Boville Red Bull Redirect
Urban meets contest

I’m now back home in Ontario for the next week before taking off again. It’s always nice to have a little break and get to rip around the stomping grounds.

Mute Grabs for the Kids

Mute grabs for the kids

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