Rails to Riches – Sandy Boville

And it seems to come as soon as it ended. Another ski season is just beginning!
I packed up a few bags, waxed the skis and headed to Killington, Vermont for the annual rails to riches contest in early December. After a solid 8 hr drive, I finally made it to the rolling mountains of the East. Upon showing up, I met up with a bunch of friends as we went to hang out at the Newschoolers condo. Catching up with everyone and discussing the following day’s contest, we all looked around saying the winner of the contest is in this room. Roughly 13 people had the talent to take the top spot. It was going to be one hell of a day!

The park crew blowing snow.

The park crew blowing snow! With a lack of any natural snow and warm temperatures they put in some hard work the night before the event.

The following day we woke up to less than great weather, as rain droplets and wet snow were coming down. On the plus side the snow was going to be very soft!

The day of the event had some wet weather

The day of the event had some wet weather! A busy day on the slopes though.


The morning started off with a jam in the sleet like weather. An hour jam was set to decide the top ten that would be moving on to the final round. I was able to put down a few solid tricks and grabbed one of those spots.

The finals started off later that evening under the lights. The local spectators poured in to check out all the action. Another hour jam went down with none of the top ten holding anything back. Disaster, flips, spins, and transfers. You name it, it happened. It was very cool to be a part of!

Photo- Travis Towley

Khai Krepela and myself working on our synchronized moves             Photo- Travis Towley


I was able to stay pretty consistent and land a number of tricks. The judges must have liked it as I ended up in first place with heavy hitters Khai Krepela and LJ Strenio rounding out the podium.

Sandy Khai and LJ

Rails to Riches Podium. LJ, Sandy and Khai

Thanks to Killington for putting on such a rad event and everyone who was riding for what must have been a great show!

APres celebrations

Aprés celebrations with the most interesting man in the world!

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