Spring Shredding in Mount Hood, Oregon

Ty Wellman and I packed up our twin tip skis and the rest of our gear from a week of Missoula backcountry, battered and bruised but satisfied. Next up we were headed to Mount Hood, Oregon.  Greeted by the entire freeskiing community upon arrival, we knew we were in the right place.

Timberline is one of the last resorts to open in the U.S. but offers a $99 spring pass, which is good through the whole month of May.  Coincidentally, West Coast Sessions was going on the dates that we were there.  Proper park setups, and all the homies in one place at one time made the week one to remember.  Skiing on days the weather was bearable, and exploring the lively Oregon Woods on downdays, there was never a dull moment.

We ended up camping in the Oregon woods just down the road from Timberline with about 40 skiers/snowboarders total, some of which were old friends, some acquaintances, and some complete strangers.  Our small village of about 15 tents took the title of “The Graveyard.”  It rained for the entire week we were camping besides one day, my back felt as if I had been hit by a semi truck at 90mph, and we were broke as a joke, but we had an absolute blast.  Being able to live in the woods at our “home away from home” with so many like-minded people and to hear their story was really cool.

On the bittersweet drive home, we picked up Ty’s girlfriend, Syd, at the Portland airport so she could cruise back to CO with us.  I third-wheeled along the Coastline highway for a ways, which was really cool.  We saw some colossal Redwoods along the Redwood highway.  Then we headed back to CO, with a quick stop in Reno of course for gambling and In-N-Out Burger.

All in all, our memories made in Oregon will last forever, and meeting so many spot on individuals within the ski industry gives me hope!!

Words by Chris McKeever

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