It’s always a fun time…even if it doesn’t work out. Level 1 Spring Shoot at Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho

After a fairly lengthy flight from Toronto to Spokane, Washington, I was greeted by Schweitzer’s event coordinator.  We hopped in the company car and headed east to Schwitezer. Picking up a few essentials, we made our way to the Level 1 digs for the week, a two-story house just down from the base of the Mountain.  With plenty of snow and ample steepness, I knew our front/backyard would definitely get some playtime.  For the majority of the week, we were clouded, rained and snowed-out from shooting freestyle skiing.  We’d head up the mountain to make changes on features and take a few tree laps, but the majority of the time was spent in and around the house.  We played games, watched TV, made food and most of all; We worked on the freeskiing pump track during our days.  I would say it was the highlight of the trip, and I’m sure others would too.  A ten-feature course with turns, jumps, gaps, rails and tunnels.  What more could you ask for?  Add in a few snow couches, a bonfire and fireworks and we had a recipe for greatness.

Level 1 Productions Pump Track Backflip at Schweitzter Mountain, Idaho

Photo by Chip Calbeck

Even with all the down time I was lucky enough to get in a few laps on the mini slope course with a few sunset shots. Be sure to check those out in the new Level 1 flick this fall.

Level 1 Productions Jump Shoot at Schweitzter Mountain, Idaho

After a week of disappointing weather with killer times I had to take off back home to Ontario. Summer is working season, which isn’t bad. I think it refreshes your mind and lets you really realize how great winter and skiing are. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on the snow and ripping my favorite sticks!

Level 1 Productions Pump Track Tunnel at Schweitzter Mountain, Idaho

Words by Sandy Boville


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