Lost Trail Montana Jump Shoot

After a needed pit stop in Denver to pick up some trip essentials, Keev and I sent it up to the Big Sky State for the Lost Trail Montana jump shoot.  We ended up getting in to the homies house in Missoula late Friday night April 25th.  The plan was to film Saturday and Sunday, but because of the patchy weather, the crew decided to stay and shoot another day on the big jump Wednesday.  Lost Trail built a sick freestyle skiing jump for us to hit that everyone was stoked on.  We grilled out at the base and chilled after every session and had good times all around.

After getting a handful of shots over the weekend and hoping for better weather, the Revision Skis squad took a down-day in Missoula.  Skateboarding, happy hour pizza/beer specials, and an evening diving board session made for a great break, but everyone was hungry for another sunny day on the jump.

Tuesday ended up turning into another down-day, so Keev, our good friend Zam, and I decided to make the best of it and go build a feature. We scoped a rail deep in Lolo pass first, which ended up having no snow.  So plan B was to build a tree jib in the woods off the highway on one of the many massive redwood-looking trees.

Finally the sun peeked through on Wednesday and everyone was up at the jump semi-early in the morning.  The crew got the speed-dialed in and preceded to put their own touch of style on the beast of a jump.  Keever took the 75 foot jump about 100 feet and slammed pretty good on the landing, resulting in severe whiplash, a hole bitten in his tongue, and a possible concussion.  Needless to say, it went off all day until the sleds ran out of gas!  Have to thank Andy and the rest of the Lost Trail crew for building such a fun jump and then also slaying on it!  Big shout out to our freeskiing homie Vinni T. for keeping it Unsweetened and letting us crash, and of course Bobby and Trimmings for organizing the Lost Trail Montana jump shoot!

Words by Ty Wellman


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